Keith Saynor

Covid 19 Skills Offer High Value Courses


How do I flag aims in the ILR for 18 year olds on Funding Stream 25 to claim the High Value Courses.

LDM code 376 errors ?

Eligible learners


For a learner to be counted as eligible they will need to be enrolled on a 16 to 19 qualifying study programme, and:


  • be aged 18 at the start of the 2020 to 2021 academic year
  • enrolled on a planned one year qualifying 16 to 19 study programme that starts after the 31 August 2020
  • be recorded as studying an approved high value courses for school and college leavers qualification as their core aim.



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Ruth Canham-James

As far as I can tell, you don't have to flag them. You just need to make sure the eligible qual is coded as the core aim (if that's appropriate). I don't really understand why we have to flag it for the AEB learners, surely they can automatically determine this in the same way they do for 16-18? Maybe they think we might have adults who are doing a "main" qual that's not eligible, and secondary qual that would be eligible, and we have to flag it to actively say that this is their main qual, an equivalent to flagging a core aim.

Keith Saynor

Hi Ruth

Thanks for the reply.

These 18 year olds did not come out against our AEB Covid 19 skills offer in the mid-year funding claim.

Presumably our allocation is just for the 19 year old AEB learners.

Thanks - Keith

Kevin Street

Just jumping in on this thread with another query:

I cannot see that there is any validation to ensure that the LDM376 is only being applied to AEB-funded learners aged 19 as at 31Aug. How are other providers ensuring/checking that their AEB COVID-19 High Value Courses funding is only be claimed for eligible learners?