Michelle L

FS restart after BIL and Funding Adjustment


Hi all, We have a learner who has returned from a BIL, same programme aims. We have received all the funding for FS in the first 6 months of the programme, but as they are still working toward achieving them, we need to open them back up. We have ticked the restart indicator in the programme aim and also the FS aim, but it has still generated a funding payment? I didn't think I would need to add a funding adj if w ticked the restart indicator. Do I simply put 0 in the field as there is nothing left to receive in terms of funding? I assume the aims have been re-added so we can monitor them and as they are doing a level 3, complete them off as and  when . Any guidance is always very much appreciated :) thank you 


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Hi Michelle

Yes, you need to complete the funding adjustment (with a 0, as you suggest). Most restarts would usually have *some* funding left to claim so it can't do anything blanket and there's all sorts of circs that means it can't assume things cross-records, so we have to tell it explicitly! 

Michelle L

Thank you for the clarification Steve. Always very helpful :)