Matthew Wallace-Wells

16-19 allocations


Good afternoon everyone

Just reviewed our 16-19 allocation for 2021/22 and am really disappointed. Am I the only one that remembers the ESFA saying that they would review the 16-19 formula for allocations based on 19/20? We had to cancel countless work placements due to COVID in march-20 and I distinctly remember the ESFA stating that they would take that into consideration. Our allocation is 40% lower than the year before.

Cheers all



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Paul Taylor

Hi Matt 

We've not received ours yet. Was yours uploaded to the EFA Information exchange (I've no idea why we are  still using this when all other allocations are posted elsewhere but I digress.....).

It's an interesting point for training providers. The Agency acknowledged the impact of COVID on March to July recruitment for training providers with year round recruitment by providing a small amount of financial relief for some institutions that experienced a reduction compared the previous year. However, if we are then subsequently penalised through the allocations process for this then we are being treated unfairly as a consequence. I'd raise this with your local partnership team and I'd expect AELP to raise this if this is a pattern. 



Matthew Wallace-Wells

Hi Paul, 

Yes ours is on the info exchange (or DFE sign-in I think it is called now). It does seem weird that we have one contract for all of our funding lines but two separate systems to manage them.

I have raised with our relationship manager and I'll see where that goes. I've searched for the original statement the ESFA made but I think it has been superseded by subsequent announcements and therefore may be lost to existence!