Break in Learning


We have a learner who wants to be put onto a break in learning as she is taking maternity leave, she only has one month left on programme. A colleague has informed me we can't put learners onto a break in learning if they only have one month left on programme but I can't find anything about this? Can anybody advise?

Thank you


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Martin West

Your colleague was incorrect, as long as they are in learning you can use a BIL.


Thank you, Martin!

Melanie Aspinall

Martin West, if an apprentice has a PED of 22/10/2020 and she wants to go on a BIL now, can we do this if her last date in learning activity is 09/10/2021? (essentially a few months after the training has meant to have stopped and she should be in gateway).

If this is possible, how would you open a new record as there's technically no training funding left to draw down? Based on previous ILR record she should be in gateway now. How would this work?


Martin West

I do not see the problem with this excepting for the typo for the year in the last learning activity date.

The learner is not out of funding so when they return from the BIL the balance of funding (min 20%) remains, see below from the technical guide for how funding is proportioned when the learner returns.

  1. When the apprentice resumes learning, we expect you to enter a price against the new programme aim in the ILR. This price may be the same as you previously recorded for the programme but can be a revised price depending on the amount of learning now required. After applying the funding band maximum, we will subtract 20% of this price for completion and, if the price is not a residual price, we will subtract any earnings to date. We will spread the remainder equally over the remaining planned duration.

In your scenario only 20% of the original funding may left to be claimed and for example if this was £1000 then this will be reproportioned over start/planned end at £800 with a completion payment of £200.


Melanie Aspinall

Martin West, as usual thank you so much for your sage advice. Extremely helpful.

Just a further question if I may please based on your answer, if a learner is at gateway and they are in the EPA process then they can also be on a BIL (if applicable) because of the 20% completion payment.

Have I understood that correctly?



Martin West

You say at gateway and in EPA process which is a bit confusing.

There is no guidance where they have completed training (has an act end date) and started the EPA, you could change the completion status from 1 to 6 to reflect a BIL and then do a restart.

If they have not completed training (no act end date) then there should not be a problem.

Melanie Aspinall

Martin West sorry for the confusion, I did mean if they were in EPA.

Interesting, I didn't know you could potentially do a BIL whilst the learner was in EPA and then a restart for just the EPA point (as that could be anything from one month to three months). Again, I suppose you would just record the price as the completion payment?

TIA - so sorry for the many questions.


Kay Mellanby

Can I just ask if we have a learner who goes on a BIL during the EPA period, if we need to stop them and then re start to complete the EPA does this mean we need to treat them as a new start when they return to do the EPA element? ie a new commitment statement,etc?