Mark Bartholomew

Levy DAS to non-levy DAS?


Hi all,

Hoping for a speedy response to this one!!

We have a learner who started an apprenticeship with us back in October 2020 who was employed by a levy employer and is now due to move to a non-levy employer at the beginning of March this year. My question is:

Does the new non-levy employer now have to set up their own DAS account within the Apprenticeship Service, and effectively have the learner account from our levy employer transferred over? How do we go about doing this and can the new employer also claim for the "Hire a New Apprentice grant" once completed?

The new non-levy DAS is a headache at the best of times as most employers are confused by the set-up and allowances procedures so I'd like to make this as easy as possible!

Thanks, everyone!



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Emily Savage

Hello Mark

When we have had a student transfer from levy to non-levy, we have informed the levy company of their final day in learning and asked them to update the DAS their end to reflect their final payment for the student. We would then go through the setting up process with the non-levy employer, and start the student on the DAS from their start month with the new employer. The end date would remain the same. 

Mark Bartholomew

Hi Emily,

Many thanks for confirming. I did think that would be the case for transferring from levy to non-levy.

I'm assuming that you would also have to do the following:

1 - create a new POT within the MIS system after closing down the levy one (still using the ACT code of 1 for an Employer funded apprenticeship)

2 - the total funding amount would also have to be amended on the new POT, minus whatever payments were made by the levy employer?

Thankyou kindly for all your assistance!

Richard Brooks

On the DAS once the levy employer places a stop on the original record you are then able to transfer the apprentice to the new employer. As long as the new employer gives you permission to set up a cohort on your behalf.