Zoe Marshall

New DAS incentive payment clarification


With the announcement from the government that the DAS incentives are to be extended until September 2021 and the payments increased to £3000 per learner, has anybody any clarification on the move from the old to the new incentive? For example if we have a client who employed a new staff member, aged 26, in October 2020 and they place them on an apprenticeship after the 01st April, will they be entitled to the £1500 or the £3000? Does the old incentive payment run side by side with the new incentive and the amount is determined by the start date of employment or is it a clean start from the 01st April? Thank you


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Liam Ryan

The notice that Martin has linked to doesn't answer the question. I'm being asked by employers whether the employment start date has to be post 1st April or just apprenticeship start. We need the ESFA to provide more details urgently. At the moment I have employers that are reluctant to make March apprenticeship starts, even though the apprentices are ready for induction.

Martin West

Hi Liam,

Employers will be able to apply for a payment of £3,000 for each apprentice they take on as a new employee between 1 April and 30 September.

I think it does.

Liam Ryan

Apologies Martin, I re-read it and I believe you are right. At least we have certainty now (hopefully).

Ray Davies

What if an apprentice changes employer (not as a result of redundancy) does the new employer receive the bonus ?

Many thanks

Alison Brierley

Hi All

Martin in your link where it says employers can apply in June for the incentive. 

Does this mean they cant start the apprenticeship till June or just that they can't put the claim in until June but the new recruit can start the apprenticeship from April?

If that makes sense. 

Martin West


I expect it is to allow the 90 days after the apprenticeship start date to pass before they can claim.

Paul Lovett

Hi - I've just been informed by AS helpdesk that if a new employee who started employment prior to 1st April 2021 isn't signed up to an apprenticeship by the 31st March 2021 (inclusive), then the employer won't get any incentive payment!