Rachel Leigh

Employer Incentive Payment for Traineeship


We have an employer who is trying to claim the employer incentive payment for a number of traineeship learners they have had but they have had feedback from the helpdesk to say the following. 

The postcode on the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) does not match the postcode that the employer is inputting into the form. They will need to contact the provider to resolve this. The provider must input the work placement postcode in to the ILR under the Learning Aim Ref ZWRKX001 for the Traineeships Work placement  and not their own college or training centre postcode.

Can anyone clarify the field name that the postcode should be input on the ILR under the work experience learning aim .





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Martin West

Delivery Location Postcode - DelLocPostCode Definition

The postcode of the address at which the learning is delivered.


Rachel Leigh

Thanks Martin, but what if there is more than one placement employer as on the work experience aim you can only enter one delivery location postcode?

Colin Denton

We have the same problem, the aim is closed but only one delivery post code can be used and we had two employer provide work experience. The Service Desk is unable to help, however I hope someone has come across and dealt with this issue previously?