Michelle L

Return from BIL - LDNS has passed


Hi everyone, Am I right in thinking that if a learner returns from a BIL and restarts their component aims, as long as it is a restart, the LDNS does not apply. I don't need to close the old aims down and start an equivalent as it's not a NEW start? I don't like to assume, so help and guidance is always very much welcome and appreciated


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Michelle L

Hi, I don't suppose anyone can clarify this for me can they please? Many thanks

Steven Hale

Hi Michelle  - Like you I would assume that the restart code would link the restarted learning aims for the apprentice to the BIL learning aims, and therefore the original start date would apply against the your current LARS code.

However I couldn't clarify for sure, and you probably will need to test your ILR for a definitive confirmation.

Michelle L

Thanks Steven Hale :) i will ask admin to process and let's test....