Lisa Margach

EPA Signed Statement


In the current provider guidance section 357.3 states that a signed statement by employer, provider & apprentice is still employer until the end-point assessment is completed.

Do people get another statement to cover this, as we have just been using the EPAO's gateway form, but they don't have the wording on there about the apprentice still being employed until the EPA is completed.  Also if the learner leaves whilst in gateway does this mean they cannot complete it, we thought as long as they were employed at gateway that was ok?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Martin West

It is not employed at the gateway but employed until the end of the EPA, if not, they cannot be recorded as complete.

The two statements are different and you must hold both as evidence.


The only exception is where the redundancy rules put the learners into the Alternative Apprenticeship bracket.

Lisa Margach

Hi Both,

I have a new question relating to this if you don't mind helping please.

For rule P378.3 the gateway form would cover this as the employer signs the declaration to confirm they are in employment throughout EPA, but for P378.2 the gateway form doesn't specifically state that the employer is confirming that the apprentice has met the requirements and is ready to undertake EPA.  Could we use the assumption that by the employer signing the gateway declaration form this is their confirmation that the learner is ready to undertake EPA?

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Martin West

No a separate signed statement is required as in P378.3 as they cannot confirm this at gateway.