Jackie Danks

Destination data


When should a destination be recorded for an Apprenticeship?  Is it when they have completed their practical period as an ILR error if not completed and again once they have gone through EPA?


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Martin West

Where it needs to be collected it is when all aims have been completed (after EPA) but see the notes in the ILR specification for Apprenticeships.

Collected for apprenticeships that are not on the apprenticeship service and are funded through a contract for services with the ESFA that started on or after 1 August 2018, where the contract has remained with the ESFA.

This data is not collected where an apprenticeship changes from a contract for services with the employer (ACT 1) to a contract for services with the ESFA (ACT 2).

Collected for learners when they have completed or withdrawn from all the activities on their original learning agreement or plan.

Not required for apprenticeship standards funded through the trailblazer funding model (FundModel 81 and ProgType 25)

  • This data is required both for learners who leave the provider and for learners who are remaining with the same provider to progress to further learning.

  • Information about when to collect this data and examples of recording destination and progression data in different scenarios can be found in the Provider Support Manual.

Linnea Clarke

Hello Martin

Is this also the case for Apprentices that started in 19/20, that are entering gateway now? We should be collecting their Destination Data after EPA? Presuming this does make sense?

Many thanks