Madalina Berbece

Foreign qualification



Please, I need your advice, if possible.

Learner enrolled onto an Apprenticeship Standard level 3, having a master abroad (translated but with no NARIC statement of compatibility attached) in the same industry as the job role, would you consider this qualification as recognised prior attainment and would this require reducing of price/length of programme etc?

Thank you.

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I'd be making sure my skills scan was incredibly watertight, but that would be what drives the reduction in cost, not the qualification per se.

Madalina Berbece

Thank you. And what is the prior attainment level that needs to be declared? She does not have any qualification in the UK.


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It's kind of immaterial? There's always "other" although I'd probably go for L6 if it's a Post-Grad Masters?


Kerrie Jones

Just a word of caution if you are using this for maths and English exemption/evidence. I had a learner in a similar situation but the EPAO required the NARIC statement before they would accept the learner into the Gateway/EPA process.