Rachel Jobes

Learning Aim Ref


Hi All - Apologies for the ramble I hope this makes sense.  We have used a code previously on our enrolment forms and called it a learning aim reference.  We are now trying to find the same number for a different qualification and I am drawing a blank.

Previous example number we used 60320230 Standard code is 105 for team leader Level 3 (on YETI we used Z0001926 as the learning Aim ref but on the enrolment form 60320230).  

Can anyone advise which is the correct Learning Aim Ref.  Secondly ... if it is the 60320230 number please advise for other standards where I find that number?  I have access to the system Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS) 

The standard I am looking for (Professional Coaching Standard 555 (or ST0809 another random number lol)) I can find a Z number but it is the same as another standard we deliver which adds to the confusion.  Any help would be appreciated I seem to have confused terminology or numbers somewhere in the past so am trying to rectify that going forward.



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Martin West

For Standard 555 you should use for the main component delivery reference Z0002026 (Non regulated provision, Level 5, Business Management), however where the standard has mandatory qualifications you should use the Learning aim reference for the qualification you are delivering.

Rachel Jobes

Thanks as always Martin - that makes sense there's no qualification on the newer one.