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QAR - Positive Withdrawals



I can see from the QAR Business Rules that a learner withdrawing from an adult programme because they have found employment will be excluded from the QAR calculations:

The following exclusions apply to all QAR, pass and retention rates:

Unemployed learners claiming Universal Credit, Job Seeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group) who cannot continue their learning through to completion because they gained employment.

What I cannot seem to find anywhere is how the aims should be coded to ensure exclusion.  We have the usual Actual end date, Completion Status, outcome and withdrawal reason.  Is it the Employment Outcome field that will be used to identify the job outcome or the destination?  For the Job Outcome achievement payment the learner has to have been in the job for a certain amount of time - is this also true to exclude from QAR (i.e. they have to have been there for 4 weeks at 16 hours plus?)

Any help much appreciated :)


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Philip Dawe

Ben Wyse


Education and training qualification achievement rates (QAR) technical specification 2018 to 2019 (Page 10)

Available here:

For ILR files for 2016 to 2017 onwards, aims where:
• the Completion Status is not 1 (Learner is continuing or intending to
continue the learning activities leading to the learning aim);
• the Outcome is not 1 (Achieved);
• the Employment Outcome is 1 or 2 (Employment outcome (with
training) gained on eligible funded programme OR Employment outcome
(without training) gained on eligible funded programme);
• a Learner Employment Status record exists with an Employment Status
of 11 or 12 (Not in paid employment, looking for work and available to
start work OR Not in paid employment, not looking for work and/or not
available to start work) and a Date Employment Status Applies earlier
than the Learning Aim Start Date; and
o the latest ILR for the learner has an Employment Status Monitoring
Type of BSI (Benefit status indicator) and an Employment Status
Monitoring Code of 1 or 2 (Learner is in receipt of Job Seekers
Allowance (JSA) OR Learner is in receipt of Employment and Support
Allowance - Work Related Activity Group (ESA WRAG)); or
o (the latest ILR for the learner has an Employment Status Monitoring
Type of BSI (Benefit status indicator) and an Employment Status
Monitoring Code 4 (Learner is in receipt of Universal Credit); and
the Employment Status on the first day of learning is 11 (Not in paid
employment, looking for work and available to start work); and
there is a valid length of unemployment)





(no doubt they'll update the BSI values, should we ever get a new Tech Spec but this does mean ProAchieve *probably* won't process these learners properly yet)

it's the flag in employment outcome: 

ILR Specification: Field: Employment Outcome (

That is important to take these learners out of the calculation and yes, this is the evidence you need, because they also generate slightly more funding (AEB Rules V4), but it's all self-dec.

255. For fully funded learners who are unemployed (including traineeships), we will pay 50% of the achievement payment if they start a job before achieving the learning aim. If the learner then achieves the learning aim, we will pay the remaining achievement payment. The following conditions apply:
255.1. the learner must provide you with evidence through a declaration, that they have a job for at least 16 hours or more a week for four consecutive weeks
255.2. where the learner was claiming benefits relating to unemployment, they must also declare that they have stopped claiming these

Karen Travers

Hi, I know the QAR will exclude the job outcome/employment outcome aims but what criteria do people use when deciding if a learning aim can be flagged as an employment outcome in the first place? Is it just where a learner has withdrawn from the programme, was unemployed when they started the programme and has signed a self dec to confirm they have now found a job of at least 16 hours or more a week and have been in that job for four consecutive weeks?

Does the learners ILR employment status record also have to show they were in receipt of an unemployed benefit as per the QAR criteria for you to claim a job/employment outcome payment - i.e could you end up claiming job outcome/employment outcome payments for a learner who is not excluded from the QAR because their ILR employment status record does not match the QAR exclude criteria?

Hope that makes sense!