Karen White



I am having issues with our R8 ILR submission - it is coming up with post codes in wrong format for a large number of our apprentices. They are all in the correct format. I is saying You must enter a valid UK postcode.


Please help

thanks Karen 


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Gill Knight

Hi Karen

Do the postcodes have a space in them? I have had that message previously when the space was missing.

Kind regards, Gill

Karen White

Hi Kate

there is a space for all of them. It is very strange. They are in the normal format



Weird one, but there aren't *too many* spaces, are there?

Also, which MI system are you using to produce the ILR? It hasn't had an update has it?

Karen White

Hi Steve 

I think i have resolved it now. I had to remove and retype postcodes. It has driven me mad today. 

thanks anyway