Benjamin Cowdery

Where is it hiding?


Hi all

In this week's Update it mentions that a request for evidence to support 15 learners will be put on the Information Exchange relating to some FRM Reports.  Has anyone found this request yet?  I note that they need to be completed and returned to the ESFA by close of play Wednesday so we are keen to catch up with them asap.


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Melanie Aspinall

If you haven't got one yet, I would take this as a good sign. It should be in the 'Other Submissions' folder apparently.

Sam Bern

Will it appear on the Document Exchange on or will it appear on the document exchange somewhere else?

If it does appear somewhere else what IDAMS permission do we need to read it?

We have two super users in our organisation. Both are able to see the Document Exchange on but only one has access to The Information Exchange which is linked to that ESFA update

The Information Exchange at has another Document Exchange with blog posts relating to 2018 and looks like it's the old defunct style of ESFA online services so I don't think it's that one but just want to be sure.



Sam Bern

Just in case anyone else has this issue. It is on which isn't managed by IDAMS so being an IDAMS superuser won't help you. It is not the document exchange  on The person who has approval status can login to  go to manage users and add the Information exchange permission to other users as required. 

If you were leaning on the SFA side of the ESFA you might not have that many dealing with this website as it seems to be EFA branded, the digital forms are mainly aimed at Academies.


Benjamin Cowdery

Sam Bern...are you saying that you have found the ESFA requests for learner evidence for these 15 x learner records in the first link you have posted?