EPA completion without FSkills


After confirmation if possible on the new FSkill rules until 31st May announced by the ESFA.

Scenario: an apprentice on a standard has gone through gateway and completed the EPA, by this i mean all elements of the EPA with the EPAO, but is still waiting to sit Fskill exams.

Do we continue to record the ZPROG as code 1&8 until the Fskills are completed too or can it be changed to 2&8 and once Fskills achieved change to 2&1?


I realise this would trigger the completion payment for EPA


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Michelle L

Hi, I would be interested to know as well, as we would have already paid out the EPA costs and could be sitting waiting for some months before we can claim this back otherwise. If it's a standard, you would receive the completion payment regardless of pass or fail of the Apprenticeship