Sarah Lane

Evidence that BIL was learners decision


Do other providers ask learners and employers to sign something before BIL's to evidence that:

1) It was the apprentices decision, and....

2) it was agreed that they would return to the apprenticeship


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Kelly Knights

We have a internal form but its mainly to ensure they are being placed on a bil for the right reasons. Having email confirmation from the employer sounds a good idea.

Sarah Lane

thanks Kelly.  I'm just wondering if I'm overthinking it or if others are evidencing these things.


It would be good to know if anyone else is/is not evidencing the 2 points above?

Jessica De Melo

Hi Sarah and Kelly,

We are currently building an internal Break in Learning form and wondered exactly what we need to include... so far we have the following :

Start of BIL and Planned return date

Reason for BIL

Employer confirmation of no new learning during break (if apprentice is working),

Confirmation employer has paused payments on DAS

Is there anything I have missed?

We were going to ask for apprentice and employer signature to assist in evidencing it was the apprentice's decision.

TIA for any guidance you can offer

Kelly Knights

I was going to suggest intended return date but as you mentioned that I think you've covered everything.