Ben James



Everyone's favourite DLOCK.. we've had quite a few learners appear on ours recently because there's apparently no matching record in the employer digital account for the cost we've specified on the ILR.. however as you'll see below, they do match;

When I've actually looked at them on DAS however and actually looked at the data mismatch, it always shows them as different. The example below is the final one on the list above;

I've checked the actual ILR for every one of these learners and the 'ILR submission' price according to DAS is never correct e.g. the one above has never been £22,000 on our system, and it certainly isn't currently as the mismatch Excel report confirms. Does anyone have any experience in resolving these?


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Martin West

I have had a few of these but it has been found the cause to be due to incorrect adjustments to TNP entries that applied from the Price episode start date.

Ben James

Thanks Martin West - I've had a few of those as well! I've done a bit more digging and it seems like a couple of these have actually had a change in price, but it wasn't recorded as being from the beginning;

Firstly, no combination of these amounts would total what is quoted on the report, so that's confusing.. but with that aside, do you think the fact the training price has changed could've caused an issue? Maybe adding the assessment price again with a date of 10/03/2021 to match the training price? Doesn't really make sense, but I'm struggling for options!


Ben, yes, you need to add the TNP2 again with a start date of 10/3/21 for it to match. No, it doesn't make any sense, yes, it's what you have to do...

Ben James

Cheers Steveh. Probably should have assumed this was the solution, however divorced from logic it may be!