Timothy Billinghurst

Initial Assessment Query



We have just noticed on the LRS for a new apprentice that has started that they have done 10 months on exactly the same apprenticeship (Business Administrator) they are looking to sign up to but with a different training provider 2 years ago.

They are saying that during the apprenticeship they were barely seen by the training provider and barely did any of their apprenticeship and so hasn't actually learnt that much to discount from an initial assessment.

Are we able to base the initial assessment on what the learner has said and deduct the apprenticeship by what they say they have learnt or should they be deducted the 10 months therefore meaning the apprenticeship would be no way near the minimum length?


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Martin West

The outcome of initial assessment must include prior learning, this would result with the training the Learner requires (content, length of programme and costing).

As this is a restart the time previously on programme is immaterial excepting it will limit the available funding to the CAP in which case the employer would have to co-invest any training cost over the CAP.

Timothy Billinghurst

So in other words, we would have to deduct the 10 months from the £5000 maximum on the Standard and then following our initial assessment then charge the employer the additional amount.

So for instance if, following an initial assessment the apprenticeship is £4600 (hypothetically) then we would have to deduct 10 months of payments (£5000 / 18 (months) = 277.78 x 10 (months already done on programme) = £2777.78.  The employer would then have to contribute the £2777.78 and we would get the £1822.22 from the ESFA?.

Sorry if I am completely wrong I have just never come across this situation before.

Martin West

It would not be £277.78 per month as the programme payments are 80% of the funding the other 20% is held back for completion.

Timothy Billinghurst

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your response and yes of course so remembering the 20% is held back is the rest of what I have said correct?