Ruth Canham-James

Merging Employers and the DAS



We have a large employer who has gone through some sort or merger (I'm unclear on the details, they're an NHS Trust). They have said;

the ESFA informed us the two DAS accounts would run side by side and if we should continue to use as normal so we utilised the money in the [old] account.  There is no way they can move monies from one to the other. 

There is now limited funding in the [old] account, this needs to be done ASAP and we are advised the best way to deal with this is to request the learning providers move the learners from the [old] account to the [new] account.

What? They only way I know to do this is to stop the old record and create a new one, but what would be the price for the new one? Do I calculate the remainder like I would a change of employer? If I do that, do I still need to record residual TNPs in the ILR record? I don't really need to record a new employer, as the EDRS won't change. They're still called exactly the same thing, and EDRS doesn't match the DAS anyway (this employer had multiple EDRS as they have several sites). Will that be ok to record a residual price but no new employment history?

This is a bit of an odd one. 


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Martin West

I can see the issue but believe any change is the responsibility of the Employer for ensuring where required any learners are transferred to the new DAS account and that new learners are recorded against the new Account (would assume the name of the Accounts differ).

As you say there would be little difference in recording the learners on the ILR excepting it may be necessary to record a residual price for those who need to transfer but the employer will only need to provide you with the details of price and date as the employer/EDRS has not changed but only the DAS account from which funds are derived which is linked on the Unique learner number.

Although this is a change of DAS accounts I think the process would be the same as recording a change of employer, see:

The Employer and Provider will need to work together to carry the affected learners over to the new DAS account, but this is led by the employer who must complete steps 1, 2, and 4 with the Provider completing step 3 to move the learner to the new DAS account.


Ruth Canham-James

Thanks Martin West, that's really useful :)

Jim Thomas

Hi Ruth - I think we have the same issue so I've asked to connect with you on LinkedIn, hope that's OK. Would be useful to have someone to talk this through with. I've got a query open with the helpdesk but the client is looking to make changes within the 5-day response time.

Martin, thank you for the response. Would you consider this a material change in terms of commitment statement / apprenticeship agreement, or would we just need to get a separate document confirming the new value for the residual price (we don't display that on the CS / AA)?

One of the learners in question is currently out of funding so the residual price is just the completion payment, I'm not sure how that would need to be reflected. Any advice?


Martin West


You will need to establish if it is a material change if it is a change to the learners employer or only a change to the DAS account due to combining DAS accounts.

The employer will need to advise you of the residual price and applicable date as they have access to the funds already drawn down prior to the change as only they can output from their account all the transactions to date.


Jim Thomas

Thanks Martin

The client has confirmed that the leaners' employer is not changing, and neither is location, role etc - this is purely due to the levy accounts merging, so it sounds like this isn't a material change in that sense.

We'll just get agreement on the new (residual) prices to take and keep everything else unchanged.