Ruth Canham-James

20/21 Guidance for Fixing FRM Errors



Just for information regarding resolving errors. For those who have used FRM reports for more than just this year, you'll know that the FRM reports got split from one into three places. Some are now ILR Warnings, some are on the VYED dashboard, and some are in the SLD ILR downloads. All are important to check.

For 19/20 we had a "Financial Assurance" document and a "User Guide" about this. Both listed the reports, but the User Guide gave extra info on what actions to take. The 20/21 "Financial Assurance" document is a bit of a hybrid of the two, which is good. However, all the FRM reports that are now on the SLD ILR reports, have been stripped out of this guidance document. For example, there is no 20/21 guidance on the FRM08 error.

I have had this confirmed by the Service Desk, who have advised continuing to refer back to the 19/20 documentation for details on how to resolve those issues. I thought it would be useful to make everyone aware that you need to check the 19/20 guidance for info on how to resolve things in the SLD ILR Download report called Funding Rules Monitoring Report, especially if this wasn't something you worked on last year.


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