Kirsty Tallis

Additional payments


Hi - I've calculated an apprentice as only being on programme for 88 days but we have still received the first additional payment due to the employer when it is the 90 day marker that triggers payment.  Has anyone else experienced this?  What do we do?  I also have a couple of apprentices where they have yet to hit 365 days and the second payment has been received.  Again, do i need to hold off sending to the employer?  Also, if an apprentice withdraws between the 90 and 365 markers but then begins again on the same apprenticeship before the 365 marker does the clock continue from the original start date or the second start date (I don't want to say restart as they are not on the ILR as a restart)?  And.... where an eligible apprentice has been on programme without any issue why would the first payment be clawed back in a subsequent month?

Any insights will be hugely welcomed!


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