Chris Roberts

Earnings Adjustment Statement - Study Programme


Hi all 

I am trying to submit an EAS to return some funds to the ESFA for or Study programme contract 16-19 but I keep getting the rule violation below;

 'FundingLine' is wrong. You don't have a valid contract to claim earning adjustments against this FundingLine. Please check the FundingLine field. 

 Having looked at the guidance it looks like we need to be paying it back as an “authorised claim” in the adjustment type. I have tried the following funding line types for all the traineeship options but it keeps erroring out.

 If anyone could help that would be much appreciated. 


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Martin West

84. An Authorised Claim may only be recorded in your EAS with the prior approval of us or the relevant devolved authority that is providing the funding.
85. You may need to use this adjustment type if:
 we have asked you to repay funding to us following an audit. You must enter any repayments as a negative figure (-xxxx.xx).
 the devolved authority responsible for funding your provision asks you to use it
 the funding rules identify an exception where you can use this category.