Nicholas Catterall

re-starting apprenticeship



I was hoping someone could help with the following:

We have an apprentice who originally registered with us 3 years ago on a 5 year degree programme. After a period, due to personal issues the apprentice felt unable to continue with her apprenticeship and was transferred off onto a similar programme – non-apprenticeship route. The student and her employer now feel she is better placed to continue as an apprentice. I believe we can restart the apprentice on the ILR but I’m not sure how.

The apprenticeship training price will need to be renegotiated down as she won’t need to study as many elements considering she transferred to a similar programme for over 12 months. So, once we have the contracts in place, on the ILR Tool do I just record new TNPs with her new start date? Also, what do I need to do to correct the End Details – she is no longer withdrawn.

I hope this makes sense.  



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Martin West

You would leave the existing withdrawn record and add a new programme and aim record as a restart with the restart date and new TNPs for the remaining negotiated training and EPA costs.