Ben James

Evidence of learning examples


I've been asked to put together a list of acceptable evidence that an apprentice was in learning on their start date and was hoping to get some help to ensure it's an exhaustive as possible.

As a university my institution is slightly apprehensive about the potential of being audited some time over the next few months and wants to get their ducks in a row. Appreciate this is a question we've had a lot in the past and the presiding sentiment is that providing it's evidence of learning, either with the Employer or the Training Provider, this is fine - but I need to put together a list of practical examples. Obviously an attendance record would be perfect, but what alternatives have people used in the past when it's come to audit?


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Martin West

It is in learning, either with the Employer or the Training Provider under an Apprenticeship Agreement and Providers in general do use onboarding documentation together with the commitment statement to indicate what training the learner will undertake from the start and evidence this by documentation appropriate to the activity be it Provider registers or documentation from the learner or employer such as logs, portfolio, or statements.