Steven Hedley

Apprentice Legal Name


Hi All, We have a learner who uses a different last name to his legal name. Although he has completed many of the induction forms (commitment/agreements) etc using the legal name, he has used his preferred name on the skills scan and a few other areas. Can anybody point me to a rule or where i can find any guidance on this.

Thanks S


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Martin West

I do not know of any rule, but most MI systems have a field where you can record know as or preferred names, however most providers avoid the problem be ensuring all documentation always includes the Learner reference number from their MI system to satisfy identification at audit.


Caspar Verney

Just to throw in another point of view, should your Learner end up with a preferred name on any official paperwork that they take away (certification being a particularly obvious one) then they might have difficulties in the future with potential employers who may be uncomfortable with the different identity.

Also and to avoid confusion, I would personally encourage the Learner to use just the one name as otherwise they risk being asked to repeat a task which they might not appreciate.