Jim Thomas

Effect of 20% off-the-job on earnings


Hi all

Just had a client query regarding off-the-job and its effect on billable/commission hours and therefore the apprentice's earnings.

In short, they want to put someone on an apprenticeship but the 20% OTJ requirement would affect the hours they could earn commission on, which the potential apprentice isn't too happy about and has suggested it's against the rules.

The basic salary is above the minimum wage so that isn't a consideration. I know apprentices aren't meant to be out of pocket because of the course but I'd read that as being direct expenses (learning materials etc) rather than reductions in earnings, but the employer wants to be sure.

Is there any useful guidance around this? The funding rules etc tend not to go into too much detail.




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Martin West

I would suggest that commission rate should be applied to the total contracted hours.