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New apprenticeship service account access levels for providers



Information: In direct response to training provider feedback, we have introduced new functionality which will allow superuser(s) in your organisation to use Identity and Access Management System (IDAMS) to allocate different user permissions to team members who may be performing different roles.

There are 4 different levels of access you can give your team members:

·        Account owner 

·        Contributor with approval  

·        Contributor  

·        Viewer  

Find out more about the different functions within each access level on our  Apprenticeship Service Support  page.

Existing users will all migrate over to ‘Account owners. Superuser(s) in your organisation should now review access levels for all team members in Identity and Access Management System (IDAMS)

Once logged in:

·       Select ‘My Team’

·       Locate the user and select ‘update user’

·       Select assign a new permission

·       4 new permissions will be listed against ‘Apprenticeship Service provider,

·       Select add against relevant permission to assign the correct role to team members.

·       To remove an existing permission, in the ‘approved tab’ select ‘delete’  

We recommend retaining at least 2 account owners to avoid situations where the last account owner is on holiday or leaves the organisation.

For further queries please contact the Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600. 


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