Clair Ayling

Can you deliver vocational quals passed planned end without FS?


Is it possible to continue to deliver vocational skills to completion on an apprenticeship where the learner is withdrawn from Functional Skills (as they are considered not capable of achieving) where the learner is already passed their planned end date? 


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Martin West

I cannot identify in the funding rules that you are prohibited for doing so, there is no funding implication as the Apprentice will be unable to complete without the required FS and obtain Apprenticeship certification, the provider is unable to claim the completion payment.

I would think it bad practice to enable the learner to complete where they have broken their commitment to undertake the FS and have withdrawn from a mandatory part of their programme as this would only encourage others to do so.

Have you considered the exceptions to the regular English and maths minimum requirements, for people with special educational needs, learning difficulties or disabilities as per P153 on in the funding rules?


Clair Ayling

I agree, in principal I don't feel comfortable with it setting any kind of precedent but I have asked about detail on the evidence of any learning difficulty assessment that may enable the learner to undertake entry-level 3 functional skills. 

You reply does help so thank you!