Andrea Scotti

Apprenticeship enrolment - being auditable


We are exploring ways of making our sign-up process more digital and user friendly and I wanted to check whether a document sent to a learner or employer, that would usually have a wet signature, could be replaced by sending it with a read receipt and asking the learner or employer to respond via email their agreement/confirmation of the document - and hence their unique email address would become the signature, in effect.  Would this be deemed 'auditable' evidence for the ESFA PFA team?  MTIA


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Martin West

You must obtain wet or verifiable electronic signatures as per the funding rule.

There is current COVID-19 flexibility for Wet signatures but this is only a temporary flexibility: Where the provider cannot obtain a wet signature, it retains a record of acknowledgement or adoption of a genuine electronic message or document.

Ruth Canham-James

We have a system of students logging in to their college account and digitally "signing" their enrolment details by clicking a button. We can verify it was them because they were logged in with their own password. If you're using a college email address, then I'd argue the verification you're proposing is as robust. Not sure about personal emails. Also, we never send personal details to personal email addresses, as the number of times they've been mistyped/written (where they didn't register online), is ridiculous! We can't risk sending personal details to the wrong person.

Kelly Knights

We use docusign for our Apprenticeship enrolments. We were using the process of confirmation being sent via email but we much prefer to use Docusign. We also use a similar system like Ruth describes but that is only used for AEB delivery.

Andrea Scotti

Thanks everyone for your responses, that's really helpful.  I've spoken to Docusign just now and think this is just what we're looking for - so thank you for that Kelly.  Thanks again

Ruth Canham-James

Just as an alternative, Signable is a lot like Docusign, I think we've used both at times. Like Kelly, that's what we use for apprentices.