Melissa Haase

Apprenticeship BIL



Is it possible to put an apprentice on a BIL after their planned end date?

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Ray Davies

I believe not as learning should be completed by this point. They should now engaged on gateway and EPA.

Kelly Knights

As Ray said you can't do this after their planned end date as the purpose of a bil is to pause funding. However theres nothing stopping you actioninng it retrospectively if their their last day in learning was before their planned end date- if its after then unfortunately its a no

Melissa Haase

Thank you both!

Melanie Aspinall


Sorry, why can't you apply the BIL because even though there's no funding left apart from the completion payment, shouldn't we be recording accurate data? If there's no funding to pause, that's fine as the ESFA will never overpay us and you always return the same price as prior to the ILR (in accordance with the funding rules). I don't see why you couldn't accurately record data for reporting purposes by recording a BIL. 



Kelly Knights

Seems I have to eat crow. My colleague who is more knowledgeable then me (clearly) has advised:

has no funding affect, but will stop an auditor trying to look for evidence of them being in learning
Melissa Haaseseems the answer is yes - although I've never done it before

Becky O'Brien

Agree with Melanie, here. 

From an audit POV you'd want to put them on a break so an auditor isn't looking for evidence of them still being in learning. 

From an internal data POV you'd want to know who is currently active.

Where it becomes difficult is if gateway has been triggered. I'm awaiting an answer from ESFA about what to do with some learners who transferred to us after gateway (previous provider went bust). The issue is what to use as the planned end, as that should only be for learning, and they've completed their learning.