Jaci Littlewood

Evidence of completing EPA


Hi, Can I just pick peoples brains.  I understand that he Learner has to have completed EPA before we can get the 20% completion payment.

As our EPAO's are taking longer and longer to complete their end of the contract, in some cases more that 3 months.  

What evidence are we required to collect form the EPAO for the provider to finalise the ILR and receive the 20% completion payment?

I'm being asked if there is anything we can get to expedite this as we are wanting to claim this as soon as possible

I have read all of the guides but if you know more that I any replies and links to the documents would be welcome.


Thank you



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Learner has to have completed all elements of the EPA (and you need evidence from EPAO to prove it) for you to claim the completion payment, no way around it.

Sue Bishop

Have you checked your contract with them, are they in breach of it?  There's usually an SLA.  I'd consider a change if you weren't getting the service promised.