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50% of Apprenticeship in England - Moving Overseas



We have a learner who is due to complete their Apprenticeship in Sept 2021 and they are due to transfer to an overseas branch (in Bermuda) of their current employer immediately after that. The employer have confirmed that if the learner doesn't her pass her exams in July, they would allow her to transfer overseas in September and then travel home in November for the re-sit.

The employer is asking us if there would be an impact on the Apprenticeship eligibility if the learner was to leave the UK before they passed their Apprenticeship and had to return to re-sit exams?

The learner has done over 50% of their apprenticeship in England but has not yet reached gateway. We cannot see anything in the funding rules to suggest that this wouldn't be possible.

Would anyone be able to confirm?




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Shouldn't be a problem as I assume it's way over 50% if they haven't gone yet? If it was like 53% then it would get fiddly, but assuming it will be at least 60%, should be fine...

Darren O'Neill

Thanks Steve.