Eleanor Spence

New apprentice incentive


The guidance for the new apprentice incentive states that new apprentices that joined organisations between 1st August 2020 to 31st March 2021, and 1st April 2021 to 30th September 2021 can claim their respective incentive amounts.  My question is, does this apply to new apprentices only, or does it apply to new employees between those dates that didn't initially sign up for an apprenticeship but then maybe 6 months later have decided to take the apprenticeship path as long as the apprenticeship start date is within the time frame?


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Jenna Carlin

Eleanor, did you get an answer?
I have an employer wanting to employ an apprentice but the start date will be 24th September for their apprenticeship with us for evidence of first of learning and they want to employ them now. I have been questioned if that the timescale will affect the claim for the employer new apprentice incentive but I can't see it being a problem from the guidance I have read.