Cecilia O'Leary



For starts on or after 1 April 2021 (LearningDelivery.LearnStartDate >= 2021-04-01), an ACT 2 record must not be returned on programme aims (LearningDelivery.AimType = 1) 

Can anyone shed some light on this as when colleague remove Act 2 error LearnDelFAMType_64 appears instead (as you would expect)

Many Thanks


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Steven Hale

Hi Cecilia - when you say you get the LearnDelFAMType_64 error when you remove Act 2, are you then returning ACT 1 instead?

All new start records post 01/04/2021 have to be returned as ACT 1.



As far as I can tell, we're still allowed to use ACT2 for those returning from a break, so that rule might need looking at anyway if it's not excluding restarts?

Cecilia O'Leary

Ah, that would be the missing piece of the puzzle and also found the guidance. Thank you Steven, one of those days.