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Withdrawn Apprentice Returning


Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of questions regarding an apprentice that was withdrawn due to leaving her workplace and not being able to be find new employment within 30 days, thus being withdrawn. This learner has now found a new employer and wants to restart the course. I am aware the 12 month rule is relaxed here but the ESFA didn't clearly explain the following:

1. The learner was on for 87 days before leaving. Was withdrawn for 4 months and is now coming back. Will the new employer get the 1st 90 day incentives after just 3 days on programme, or 90 days from the new start date?

2. If the learner was to turn 19 during the gap where she was withdrawn, would this stop any incentives being paid or would it go back to what she was on her original start date?

I just want to make clear this is not a break in learning, but a withdrawn learner coming back to complete.

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Martin West

The following for a similar scenario is taken from the funding technical guidance.

  1. We will account for the earnings from the period with the first employer before we apply the funding band maximum to calculate the earnings for the period with the second employer. The total earnings paid to the provider from employer accounts and total earnings before co-investment is calculated will not be more than the funding band maximum for a single apprenticeship.
  2. The provider will continue to receive additional payments. Any remaining additional payments not paid to the original employer you can pay to the new employer. We add the number of days in learning during the first period of learning to the days in the second period, and subsequent periods, to calculate if we will generate any remaining additional payments.
  3. If the apprenticeship is funded through co-investment, we will use the co-investment percentage that applied when the apprentice originally started with the first employer on that apprenticeship.

Kristian Munroe

Thanks Martin.


This seems very similar to a break in learning return then minus the '6' in the closed qualifications.


Would you happen to know how this affects the new funding incentives introduced for taking on new employees that is claimed via the Apprenticeship Account? The person I spoke to at the ESFA said that whilst the new employer would receive the 16-18 incentive, they would not receive any government incentive even though the previous employer did not receive this funding because the learner left employment rather than being made redundant?

Martin West

A return from a withdrawal and a return from a BIL are similar in that they are both restarts with eligibility determined at the original start date but as restarts the ESFA are correct in that the new government incentives only apply where they were eligible on the original start date.

Kristian Munroe

As this is similar to a BIL, and the learner is returning under a different employer,  would I be right in thinking I record a RTP of the remaining amount. This figure would then be what I reserve in the Apprenticeship Account for the new employer?

Sorry for all the questions but all I can seem to find is information on agreed BIL, not learners returning after a full withdrawal.


Martin West

As returners after a withdrawal were a late addition/change in the funding rules there is little guidance on this scenario.

You would leave the existing withdrawn record and add a new programme and aim record as a restart with the restart date and new TNPs for the remaining negotiated training and EPA costs the total negotiated costs would be reserved for the new employers DAS account.

Kristian Munroe

Thanks again Martin.

Just one more question...

When I create the new aim, I return restart indicator but leave the original start date blank. Is that right?

Martin West