Ruth Canham-James

Optional Apprenticeship Aims



Within most of our apprenticeships where there are no mandatory qualifications, we do still offer a qualification, as that's what employers and students want. How do you code these in the ILR? We had been coding them as 36 and a component aim, knowing that we don't actually get any funding for it, but it was just easiest that way for the inputter not to have to distinguish. That's been a right pain when they complete the Standard before this optional qual, as it errors. You can't have a component aim other than Eglish or maths carry on past the end date of the Standard. So I'm now planning to code all quals within an apprenticeship, that are not required to pass the Standard (and not English or maths) as unfunded and not a component. That's going to mean we need to add a non-regulated aim for more apprentices, as they won't have any other component aim. Is that what everyone else was already doing anyway? Getting the details on which components are mandatory has been a challenge.


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Annabel Redshaw

Hi Ruth

Optional aims I've put under code 99 (unfunded) thinking that these would show on the PLR incase we can't get a certificate, it double bluffed me though as it came up as a non-regulated aim and not the unit title etc


Ruth Canham-James

Hi Annabel,

I don't mean the non-regulated aims. Those have to be recorded as a component in the Aim Type, otherwise it will error because we can't have an apprenticeship with no components (stupid rule now that we have Standards). I mean other regulated quals that we essentially throw in as a freebie with the apprenticeship. The non-reg just gets closed when we close the Standard, it could never go on longer, because it doesn't really exist. When we coded the freebies as components, that's when we've had the issue of them continuing it after the Standard was done.