Brenda Tseng

apprentices return from BIL


Having queries from my colleagues and couldn't find definite answers from the funding rules. 

  • Do apprentices and their employers require to sign a new apprenticeship agreement, commitment statement and agree the new planned OTJ hours when they return back to learning.
  • If apprentices are back to learning and their employer change (either employer's or apprentice's personal decision), shall we record the 1st episode as withdrawal or can it remain as temporarily withdrawn?  
  • What needs to be included in the evidence pack for future audit?

There could be some other scenarios, so any thoughts or guidelines would be much appreciated.


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Martin West


P288 If any circumstances change that affect any agreement made between you and the employer, you must revise existing agreements or create new agreements. This includes but is not limited to:

P288.7 breaks in learning.

P61.1 The apprentice and their employer must revise the date in the apprenticeship agreement on which the apprenticeship was expected to have been completed to account for the duration of the break. The duration of the apprenticeship and the amount of off-the-job training needed to meet the 20% requirement would therefore remain the same as though there had been no break in training (break in learning).

P291 states: The employer must revise the apprenticeship agreement if required.


It depends on when the change of employer occurred, if it was during the BIL the learner should be withdrawn as at the start of the BIL and then restarted with the new employer.


Confirmation from the employer for the reason and duration of the BIL and that the Apprentice intends to return.

Brenda Tseng

Thanks Martin,

When the apprentice restarts, would you report the original agreed Planned OtJ hours or the new Planned OtJ hours from the restart date in the ILR if the duration remains the same after taking account for the duration of the break?  

Martin West

This field collects the Planned off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that will be delivered to the individual apprentice over the full apprenticeship (excluding the end-point assessment period) by the training provider,

It would be the original OTJ hours recorded on the commitment statement and Apprenticeship agreement.