Sam Bern

D Lock 2 for cohorts which had been approved before deadline


We're a training provider and have received a data match issue for a few cohorts that were approved a few days before the deadline of the last return. It seems to have affected all cohorts that were approved after the 4th but before the end the return on the 7th May. All the learners show as live on the DAS and did show as live on the 7th May when we did a manual check.

The only pattern I can see is that they were approved after we did our final upload for the month. Normally the ILR submission process accounts for this and rechecks with the DAS after the final return date. However it's like it didn't do this step.

We have raised it with the service desk just wondering if there is a new step with the approval that we've missed. 


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Martin West

No problem here but did the employer approve in time?

Sam Bern

Yes all were approved on the morning of the 7th May. We did a manual check to make sure the cohorts had been accepted and they were showing under the manage apprentices tab. I believe they should have been able to accept the cohorts until  at least 17:00 on the Friday.

Steven Hale

Hi Sam - I've also encountered this in the past and when I queried it I was told that the approval should be in place at least an hour before the final ILR submission. The hour timescale is a little arbitrary but I think the approval needs some time to get into the ESFA systems for the purposes of matching and then processing of funds.

I believe from the advice I was given that there must be a further submission after the approval on AS system. Therefore if you submit your ILR before approval then the matching takes place at the time of submission. You would need to submit again after the approvals take place on the AS system so that the matching process takes the latest approvals into account.

Seems a bit odd to me to as I assumed matching would take place after the ILR deadline had passed, however I'm told it takes place following an ILR submission.

Hopefully that will change as it makes more sense to match after deadline.