Claire Ford

Data Mismatches on DAS


Does anybody else have an issue with Data Mismatches showing on DAS, but then looking at the apprentice's record, nothing is showing? 




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Sue Bishop

Have a look just above the learner record, Claire, any data mismatches will show a notification and if you click 'view' it will say what is in DAS and what is in the ILR that is different.  It will invite you to either ask the employer to change the learner record, or you change your ILR to match DAS.




But also worth pointing out that there are a bunch of "ghost" mismatches on AS, so if the ILR and DLOCK validation reports are clear (or, to put it more bluntly, if you're getting paid for a learner!), any weird things on AS can be ignored...

Claire Ford

Thanks everyone. Sue - I've been doing that but was getting very frustrated at not seeing anything! Thanks Martin - it all makes sense now.


Richard Phipps

We have seen this issue for over a year with data mismatches. It makes it much harder when we have to deal with report problems like this.