Catarina Smith

Functional Skills Fund Adjustment 3rd BIL


Hi All, 

Due to COVID we have several learners who are now returning from their 2nd BIL. 

When calculating the Fund Adjustment for the 1st BIL was fine. But now i have to calculate what the fund adjustment will be following the 2nd BIL. 

Does the ILR return pick up that this is the 3rd AIM with a Restart Indicator, and do I just calculate the adjustment based on the second period of learning?


Original Start date: 01/01/2019 Original PED:01/02/2020 Original BIL Start: 01/08/2019 Restart Date: 01/12/2019 New PED: 02/06/2020 Fund Adjustment = 43 (input on the 1st restarted FS AIM)

Restart (1) Start date: 01/12/2019 NEW PED 1: 02/06/2020 BIL 2 Start: 28/02/2020 2nd Restart Date: 14/04/2020 2nd New PED: 22/07/2020 Fund Adjustment = 57 (input on the 2nd restarted AIM)

Will I calculate the 2nd fund adjustment in the same way as before? Using the Restart date & New PED  

In this instance it means that I'd put 57 into the 2nd AIM and that adds up to receiving 100% of the payment. 

But the learner then goes onto a 3rd BIL:

Restart (2) START Date: 14/04/2020, NEW PED 2: 02/07/2020 BIL 3 Start: 30/05/2020 3rd Restart Date: 01/09/2020 3rd NEW PED: 04/10/2020 Fund Adjustment: 50

Should i be just putting 50 in the 3rd AIM's Fund adjustment? Does the ILR 'see' that there is a Restart indicator - and will it also look back and see the RES indicators on all the aims and calculate it?  or do I need to do something different?

In addition a lot of learner have already passed their PED whilst on BIL. So I'm added the duration on BIL to the restart date. As otherwise the PED is before the restart date and is not accepted by the ILR. Is anyone else having these problems?





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Ruth Canham-James

I don't know the answer, but have you checked the monthly amounts in your Apps Monthly Payment Report for the second period of study after the first restart? I sometimes use that to work out what calculations ESFA must be doing to establish payments due.

Martin West

This field should be completed with the proportion of this learning aim that is still to be delivered/funded.

Total duration 13 months

BIL after 7 months gives 7/13 54% of funding used therefore 46% remaining (Funding adjustment)

Further BIL after further 2 months total used 9 months9/13 gives 69% of funding used therefore 31% remaining (Funding adjustment)

Further BIL after further 2 months funding gives 2/3 of 4 months funding used 11.66/13 90% therefore 10% remaining (Funding adjustment)