Liam Ryan

Maths and English Functional Skills


I can find lots of examples of where the rules and guidance documentation say that FS are not included as part of the 20% OTJ but I'm looking for something which says that the FS have to be delivered in paid time. Can anyone point me in the right direction as an employer is demanding to see it in black and white.




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Ben James

I'd suggest the Employer funding rules covers this on page 7 where it states;

"Apprentices must be an employee on the first day of their apprenticeship and as a minimum at least be paid a wage consistent with the law for the time they are in work, in off-the-job training and studying English and maths (if appropriate)"

This to me says that the learner can only work towards FS during their paid time, and not outside of paid working hours.

Martin West

From the funding rules bur dependant on your interpretation of the written language.

P44 The employer must allow the apprentice to complete the apprenticeship off-the-job training within their normal working hours, in addition to any English and maths training required. They must provide you with evidence of this for you to keep in the evidence pack.

P75.7 Written confirmation from the employer that the apprentice will be allowed to undertake off-the-job training within their normal working hours, in addition to English and maths training if required.

My interpretation is that English and maths training must be undertaken within their normal working hours however the rules do allow that where this is not possible the employer should give the Apprentice time off in lieu where delivery takes place outside of normal working hours.