Becky O'Brien

Change start date in DAS - levy paying


This is NOT about reservation of funds.

An apprentice has changed levy paying employers - leaving one & joining the second in the same month.

First employer stopped the apprenticeship a month too late.

Second employer added the apprenticeship in the earliest month they could to avoid overlap, which of course is also a month too late.

Employer 1 needs to change the stop date to be correct.

Once that's done, Employer 2 needs to change the start date. I believe this is done by stopping the Apprenticeship on the start date and adding a new cohort.

Does making the start & stop date the same completely "neutralise" that cohort record, or will it throw up an issue when they try to add the new (earlier) start date?

Asking because I don't deal with the employers directly, but need to advise those that do to do the right thing.



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