Sophie Calderwood

Amending Original Learning Start Date


Hi all, Is anyone able to advise if correcting an original learning start date on a restarted aim will have any impact on funding calculations?

We have an apprentice who has been on two breaks in learning with us. When the apprentice returned to continue their apprenticeship for the second time, the new aim record was set up with an original learning start date equal to the start date from the previous restart not the original start date. This has been identified after the data has already been processed through the 19/20 hard close.

Any help or guidance on if we can amend the original learning start date for the apprentice without wider implications is much appreciated. 



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Martin West

For Apprenticeships under FM36 I do not think that this makes any difference to the current funding calculations. This field was original used in the funding calculations for aims funded under FM 35 to check the Age at start.

Sophie Calderwood

The apprentice is on FM36 so hopefully that would be the case for us. Thanks Martin