Melanie Aspinall

PICS Users: PLR Audit Evidence



We have recently moved systems to PICS and there is a handy function to import the PLR data from the LRS. Our Operations team have asked if the exported spreadsheet from PICS along with a screen grab from PICS showing the source of data and date and time stamp would be sufficient as evidence at audit instead of the report generated from the LRS.

I'm not sure if any PICS users that have been through ESFA audit have used this type of evidence before and had no issues with it (let alone EPAO's). I've added images for illustrative purposes to demonstrate what the Ops team want to use instead. Would appreciate my peers thoughts.





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Martin West

I would think you will still need a copy of the PLR at audit as it is specified in the rules although an Auditor may accept alternative evidence.

  1. If a learner self-declares prior attainment, you must check this in the personal learning record (PLR) and query any contradictory information with the learner. The PLR will not necessarily override the learner’s self-declaration.

Paul Rogers

Hi Melanie,

Whilst a fantastic idea, and only I raised with the PLR team some years ago for PICS and other MIS Systems.  The issue is how to prove that the data imported into the MIS system has not been amended since.  For that reason alone a pdf version of the plr at the time, or a printed version, is usually seen as the only core evidence.

That said, I did ask, and believe it should still be considered that the ability to download the PLR via the API route and directly into mis systems as a dated attachment should be provided so that it will make for a more efficient process.


Melanie Aspinall

Thanks guys. I kind of knew the answer already but thought I'd ask anyway.

Worth a try!