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Level 3 - Full Level 3s?


Hello all

I am looking for some guidance on what qualifications are classed as FULL level 3s for the purposes of prior attainment for the new Level 3 entitlement?

I know that this funding is for learners without full level 3s already. We have learners coming to us who have awards and certificates but I am unsure how to determine if they are classed as full level 3s.  I have looked at the guidance and it points to the guidance on performance tables but this only seems to be list a few qualifications under each subject area unless I am missing something.

Can anyone help?


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Jodie Cataldo

Hi Ben

Does this help: 



Martin West

Required for next year see: ILR Specification: Field: Prior Level (


A rule of thumb would be L3 Awards would be never be Full, L3 Diplomas would always be Full*, so it's only Certs where it gets very tricky, without the actual piece of paper in front of you, and even then, if it's qual from 15 years ago, good luck (I'd err on the side of it not being full)...


*I'm not sure this is 100% true, but high 90s...

Ben Wyse

Thanks all, thats really helpful :)