Apprentice Working Hours


Is there a minimum number of hours a week an apprentice needs to work? I thought it was a minimum of 16 hours a week but I can't see anything clear. We have an employer who wishes to take on an apprentice part time for 15 hours a week but want to check this is ok.


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Martin West

There is no lower limit for part-time employment hours below 30 hours per week although you must extend the duration proportionally to 30 hours, the following paragraph in the funding rules applies.

P43 The apprentice must work enough hours each week so that they can undertake sufficient regular training and on-the-job activity. This is to ensure the apprentice is likely to successfully complete their apprenticeship. You must keep evidence of the agreed average weekly hours, including time spent on off-the-job training, in the evidence pack.



Thank you, Martin 🙂