Darren Vidler

Minimum duration on a restart following full withdrawal


Evening folks,

Struggling to find the answer to this in the rules however it's been a long day so I'm likely missing it. 

Scenario: Learner withdraws fully from apprenticeship. They then seek to return to the same programme a few months later on. 

Question: In this case does the minimum duration apply to the new POT or is it a combination of the previous POT and the new POT?




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Martin West

For a restart after a withdrawal the minimum duration does not apply but it does over the full duration of the programme.

Ben James

Combination of the two - just make sure you include the restart indicator and you're golden. 

Darren Vidler

Thanks both - knew it was there somewhere!


Victoria Mansfield

Just after a sense check - this applies even if the learner originally started under a different version of the funding rules, right? For example, a learner who started in 19/20 when the funding rules didn't allow for a return with less than 12 months left after a withdrawal could still restart after a withdrawal now. Because they are restarting under the latest version of the rules. Right??? Thanks! :)