Nadine Baister

Degree Apprenticeships - planned OTJ



I am looking for some advice on 'planned' OTJ hours in relation to degree apprenticeships. 

As expected, degree's come with a massive amount of study and OTJ hours (which often way exceeds the min 20% rule). 

I have shown an example of how a degree module is broken down at the bottom of this post: (taken from a made up source)

My question is - on the Commitment Statement, when planning in OTJ hours, would you include the 70 guided independant study hours in your calculation? The reason I ask is because the points are being rasied that it can't be quantified / structured and we don't know if the student will hit the example of 70 hours. 

Any advise would be appreciated. 


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I think the key point is "will they be doing this independent study during working hours/getting TOIL for it?" Strictly speaking all of the (mandatory?) learning required for an App should be done within work time but obviously this gets a bit blurry with the sort of further reading etc needed for a degree. I'd (perhaps naively) expect an employer to be relatively generous with this sort of thing, assuming they want their employee to do their best?

I think it's fine to set an expected (minimum?) amount of time of independent study during work time as part of the plan and then to be able to explain why that plan doesn't happen?