Nadine Baister

Degree Apprenticeship - Networking Groups?



Does anyone know of any network meetings or groups, specifically for Degree Apprenticeships? Or would anyone be interested in attending one if I set it up? 

Other than posting things on this site, there doesn't seem to be much support out there for the higher-level providers. 

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Ben James

I'd certainly be interested! The overwhelming majority of my experience has been in FE and whilst it's definitely serving me well, I've recently joined a university so would very much appreciate some like-minds to throw ideas around with.

Nadine Baister

Hi Ben 

That would be great - I am more than happy to welcome you into an informal 'catch up' meeting with another uni, which I have set up in a few weeks. I'm not sure if we are allowed to give out email addresses on here ...? 

Gill Knight

There is a university apprenticeship group created through Tribal. Do you use SITS?  we talk about the unique issues of maintaining HESA requirements and fitting the square peg of apprenticeships into the round hole, non integrated EPAs, etc

You will find minutes of previous meetings in MySITS.

Kind regards


Nadine Baister

Hi Gill 

Oh  - that sounds great too. Yes, we use SITS - although I don't personally. Is there any other way I could access it? 

I use that peg analogy daily!! haha

Steven Hale

Hi Nadine - I'd also be interested in joining.

Nadine Baister

Steven Hale Ben James is there a way of exchanging email addresses on here? I'm not sure if it's allowed on here ... 

you could try and find me on Linkedin and PM me on there ;) 

Ben James

I was thinking the same Nadine Baister! I'll have a look on LinkedIn :)

Steven Hale

Hi Gill - is the apprenticeship group on MySITS the one with last meetings notes from Feb 2019? Seems a long time ago so wondered if I had found the right group?

Martin West

University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) do provide services for Degree Apprenticeships (Membership required)

Worked with them a few years ago they provide many resources

Kay Mellanby

yes please to also join - great idea


Joanne Sage

I would be interested in joining too!